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 Saints2Troops Non-Profit

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PostSubject: Saints2Troops Non-Profit   12th February 2014, 09:26

Hello, I'm sure most of you are aware of mine and Troop's financial situation. Although it's personal it's relevant to all you, if we consider to host the services that we do (if, of course, we're in desperate situations where we can barely afford the services we provide.)

I'm going to register the Saints2Troops Gaming Clan as a non-profit organization. This way I hope it can further legitimize my level of dedication to all of you, and maintain the integrity of our gaming community. Every cent that is thrown at us, will be used directly for the clan.

I'll eventually establish a clan pay system, that will show other members your contribution to the group.

I understand that a donation is done so with the intent of giving out kindness, rather than giving with the intent of receiving some sort of reward. I do believe; however, that perks should be given to those who go out of their way to help our cause.

I've recently made a post about donater perks, and those do include all members of the Saints. (Not like I don't already wipe your guy's asses >_< )

I appreciate any consideration in advance.

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PostSubject: Re: Saints2Troops Non-Profit   21st March 2014, 14:39

Quote :
(Not like I don't already wipe your guy's asses >_< )

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Saints2Troops Non-Profit
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